The Time to Decolonize our Minds and Commit to Liberated Parenting Practices is Now

The 3rd annual Parenting Decolonized Conference, Rona, Racism, & Radical Parenting Conference-The Remix, is an immersive, multi-day, fully virtual conference focused on empowering parents with a road map and a safe gathering space to recalibrate from chaos to calm in order to form deeper connections with their kids.

As conscious parents we have a huge opportunity to create a lasting impact in this world, simply by being more intentional parents. But many of us are burnt-out, stuck in survival mode, unable to regulate ourselves because of the stress of adulting and living under toxic systems of oppression, which makes being intentional that much harder.

This virtual conference experience brings together educators, activists, parent coaches, liberation workers, and DEI consultants to lead interactive discussions and workshops focused on conscious parenting, reimagining education, neurodiversity acceptance, and community building.


Remove the Filters. Get the Tools.

Be in Community.

Create the Family Culture You Desire.

Raising liberated children, without violence, with love and empathy, and giving them the tools to be emotionally intelligent, confident, secure, and unapologetically their whole selves is why many of us chose conscious parenting. But, in order for us to do that, we need to get comfortable with discomfort. It’s time to heal from our traumatic childhoods and face the ugliness of this world from a place of power, instead of a place of fear and shame. We have to heal, get rid of the programming from colonization, shift our perspectives, and reframe how we view our kid's behavior.

We have to embody what it means to be a conscious, intentional parent!

And that's what this conference will help you do...make big mental shifts so you don't revert back to oppressive parenting practices when you're stressed. You'll learn how to...

Be Less Reactive

You'll learn communication styles and mindset exercises to help you find more grace for yourself and your child.

Understand Rona's Impact on Mental Health

Tips for how to care for yourself as well as how to build your child's coping skills during chaotic times.

Advocate for Your Child's Education

Learn about the IEP process & how to partner with educators for your child's education

Shift to a Liberated Mindset

Get the tools to help you center harm reduction and liberation in your family culture.

And so much more

You'll walk away from this transformative conference feeling more empowered, more confident, and less fearful. You'll form deeper connections with yourself as well as your kids, changing the narrative of your family for generations to come.

Get ready to laugh, cry, dance (because there will be a live DJ), and heal...collectively.


The Keynotes...


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A Workshop Sneak Peek...


Resting to Rise for Parents of Global Majority with Dr. Benita Jackson

Rest is fundamental to decolonizing our minds, hearts, and bodies. In this experiential workshop, after some brief remarks, I will lead participants through a guided Yoga Nidra meditation using the Daring to Rest Method.



Reparenting Ourselves as Liberation Work with Leslie Priscilla

Exploring the ways that practicing the reconnection to our inner child feeds into the greater vision for abolition, decolonization, and liberation praxis


Culturally Responsive Navigation of the IEP Process with Heather Clarke

Culturally Responsive workshop to the navigating the IEP Process: in this workshop I will breakdown the IEP process explicitly for Black and Brown parents and caregivers so that they can learn how to advocate for their neuro-diverse kids and kids with disabilities in their schools/ classroom settings.